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Lyons has no teeth

Michael Lyons's review into local government finance was a damp squib. Council tax should be scrapped, not tweaked
Harvey Cole  

Skewed sampling

Some pundits predicted general election success for the Tories on the basis of their local election performance. Not so fast
Harvey Cole  

Science and government

Ministers are deluged with scientific advice. In the BSE crisis it was wrong and in the GM food debate it is divided. What are ministers to do? They should learn from past mistakes and be ready to impose their judgement…
Anthony Bevins  

Marquand’s missing link

David Marquand attributes a succession of Britain's economic and social problems to its archaic state. The link between his politics and economics is not clear and that both have been overtaken by events
Robert Skidelsky  

Democratic tyranny

The western political system is a fusion of constitutional liberalism, established over many centuries, and modern mass democracy. But an increasing number of countries are choosing electoral democracy without liberalism
Fareed Zakaria  

Goodbye to Rawls

New Labour has abandoned a redistributive, social democratic idea of justice without putting anything in its place. John Gray suggests borrowing from the early 20th century New Liberals
John Gray