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Tag: Latin & Central America

Lula’s big moment

The summit of the Americas may not attract much attention as the G20. But it's a key opportunity for Obama to push a new direction in US foreign policy, and for Lula to elbow out Chavez
Anastasia Moloney  

Cristina Kirchner

Argentina's president has given no sign that she aimed for office for any reason other than to satisfy her vast ambition
William Gill  

Chile’s poet-revolutionary

Since his death in 2003, Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño has undergone a process of sanctification. The Savage Detectives is a novel that teems with poets and literary movements, yet doesn't take literature too seriously
Philip Oltermann  

A Cuban death rehearsal

With Fidel Castro apparently on the verge of death, I returned to Cuba to visit old friends. Little has changed over recent years and life for most Cubans remains harsh. Yet western visitors continue to romanticise the place
Bella Thomas  

What happened to the Windies?

The West Indies dominated cricket in the 1970s and 1980s, then fell into steep decline. As the islands prepare to host the one-day cricket World Cup, an English cricketer tries to find out what went wrong
Ed Smith  

Letter from Argentina

The use of the corpse as a political weapon has a long history in Argentina. The body has become political because of the country's arrested political development
Nick Pearce