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The month ahead

An strong outlook for Turkey's AKP, the second anniversary of the green revolution, and difficult choices in Peru

Good time party

Novelist Edward Docx had to know what it feels like to be lost—truly lost—in the Amazon. So he went to Brazil and hired some men to leave him in the jungle
Edward Docx  

Lula’s legacy

After two terms, Brazil's president will leave behind a booming economy and renewed international confidence. But there is still a mountain to climb for his successor
Nathan Shachar  

Bring me my bow

A few hundred Awá-Guajá people are among the last hunter-gatherers of the Amazon rainforest. But for how much longer?
Pablo Nogueira  

Big Brother-in Law

A wildly popular reality TV show predicted—and may have influenced—the outcome of Argentina's elections. What now for the country's ruling elite?
William Gill  

Washington watch

Americans don't believe that Obama has quit smoking, but he's still more popular than the Pope or Tiger Woods. Except with the gays