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Tag: Latin America and Caribbean

Hugo Chávez

Venezuela's comeback kid has survived by brandishing a buffoonish popularism. But he is serious about his anti-Americanism
Benjamin Backwell  

Latin realism

The current crisis in Argentina highlights Latin America's mixed experience with globalisation and liberalism. But there is little support for modern-day Che Guevaras
Richard Lapper  

Plan Colombia

The American military is fixated by a mission to hit cartels and leftist guerrillas in one strike. While western consumers fund the narco economy, is Bush going to war?
Mark Bowden  

Orwell plus poems

Octavio Paz, who died in April, was the great poet-critic of Latin America. Michael Schmidt, a friend and translator of his work, recalls his journey from Marxist to maestro
Michael Schmidt  

Dancing on the edge

A few weeks before the Pope's January visit, George Walden arrived in Cuba to find that prostitution seems to be the only part of the country's economy which functions. Is Cuba heading for a grand finale?
George Walden  

Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez is admired in Europe as the author of One Hundred Years of Solitude and as a Latin American intellectual who speaks for the downtrodden of his continent, but his full story is more complex
Charles Lane  

Chronicle of the fallow years

From Gabriel García Márquez to Mario Vargas Llosa, Latin American writers have been celebrated worldwide. But the 1960s "boom" has bust. Richard Gott explains why the Latin American novelist ran out of steam
Richard Gott