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Touching tongues

Don't worry about the extinction of ancient languages; celebrate the new dialects. Consider Spanglish and Hinglish

Rude Britannia

Who gives a **** about good manners? Once it was liberating to loosen the British upper lip. Now incivility is so rampant it's an issue of social policy, this may be the price of a wealthier, more dynamic nation
Michael Elliott  

Let them die

The preservation of dying languages and cultures is pointless and reactionary. People want to join modernity
Kenan Malik  

Sense and nonsense

Although a few of the great philosophers have been poor writers, obscurity must never be equated with profundity
Bryan Magee  

Words and things

The birth of analytic philosophy almost 100 years ago led to a profound split within western philosophy. But what actually distinguishes the continental and analytic traditions, and can we ever hope to bridge the gap between Anglophone and Germanophobe philosophy?
Hans-Johann Glock  

We can’t write love

On Valentine's Day don't send a card, write a letter. But don't include the most rhythmically unsatisfying phrase in the English language: I love you
Helen Stevenson  

The Darwinian fallacy

By applying Darwinian theory to human behaviour, evolutionary psychologists such as Steven Pinker have provided striking insights. But the new Darwinians reduce culture to biology and do not understand how language and self-awareness have made humans different from animals
Kenan Malik  

A gentile touch

As Israel reaches 50, Jo Glanville reveals how a Victorian gentile, George Eliot, played a central part in the birth of its national language
Jo Glanville  

Words and things

On the 50th anniversary of Orwell's essay, Politics and the English Language, Andrew Marr finds political English in good health—thanks, in part, to Orwell's warnings. Power and brutality still hide behind evasive language, but are now more likely to do…
Andrew Marr