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Goodbye to all that

Europe has a more balanced debate than America about the extent and causes of today's antisemitism. But in both places we must defend a firewall between criticism of Israeli governments and antisemitism
Tony Judt  

Speaking up

America's liberal Jews have the only voice powerful enough to fight self-defeating Israeli nationalism and US chauvinism. They must speak out
Anatol Lieven  

America’s liberal Jews

For the first time since the second world war, American Jews are largely absent from the anti-war movement. Yet, travelling from state to state, I found the liberal Jewish tradition still thriving
Linda Grant  

Sense on antisemitism

The rise of antisemitism in Europe is exaggerated. Why? A mix of paranoia and a means of deflecting criticism from Israel. European Jews have never enjoyed such freedom and success
Antony Lerman  

Levi’s inferno

As German Jews held to the culture of Goethe, so Primo Levi summoned Dante in Auschwitz. His struggle was with literature as well as testimony
Joseph Farrell  

Lost tribes of Israel

Israel's five distinct political-demographic tribes are locked in a many-sided conflict over the future of its democracy. Is Israel a not-quite-finished Zionist revolution or a not-quite-finished Hebrew democracy?
Bernard Avishai  

The Holocaust industry

The "Holocaust industry" is driven by American and Israeli interests. But, says Samuel Brittan, no one can fully explain why it took so long to emerge
Samuel Brittan