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Tillyard’s tales

The state does not work in Italy, but thanks to small families, "associative" life is thriving, as we discovered when my son joined the local football club
Stella Tillyard  

Sicilian dusk

The late Sicilian novelist Leonardo Sciascia was an expert chronicler of Italy's moral anguish, and both an artist and politician
Duncan Fallowell  

Italian futures

It is just over two years since Romano Prodi's centre-left coalition came to power on the ruins of Italy's postwar political system. By joining Emu in the first wave it has achieved one of its main goals. But will it…
John Hooper  


Eugenio Scalfari, the editor of La Repubblica, says that Italians have become obsessed with secession. But do they have a sense of identity in the first place?
Eugenio Scalfari  

Venetian blind

Venice was once a city of velvet and marble-now it is tense with clingfilm, the most useless city in Italy. Duncan Fallowell has never been to Venice and thinks Oslo might be more inspiring
Duncan Fallowell  

Tutti frutti

Italy boasts more than two thirds of the west's artistic heritage, but Italians do not read books or go to the theatre.
Andrew Hill