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Open letter to Tariq Ramadan

Last week the Islamic scholar and reformer Tariq Ramadan argued in the Guardian for an end to calls on British Muslims to integrate. Here, Prospect editor David Goodhart replies
David Goodhart  

Campus radicals

Universities are fertile recruiting ground for extremist Islamist groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir and al-Muhajiroun. Vice-chancellors need to start paying attention
Shiraz Maher  

British Islam bounces back

Britain is in the grip of rampant Islamophobia. But their response to the recent alleged terror plot shows that British Muslims are getting stronger and wiser
Tahir Abbas  

Born in Bradford

I witnessed the birth of political multiculturalism in Britain. It was in Bradford in the late 1980s when the left, shamefully, swapped secular universalism for ethnic particularism
Kenan Malik