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Tag: Internet and telecoms

Media madness

Media groups have been pouring billions down a digital drain - but you won't read about it in the paper
Emma Duncan

The internet is a precious achievement. But as its reach extends into more of our lives, so does the fear that it is undermining national standards in everything from crime prevention to taxation. If politicians around the world cannot agree…
John Carr  

The big picture

Richard Layard recommends the most illuminating of recent books on the wired society but draws more pessimistic conclusions than the author
Richard Layard  

A tangled web

Brian Winston finds that Kevin Kelly-internet propagandist and technological determinist-is wrong about everything
Brian Winston  

The web wars

The internet is being privatised, which raises the awkward question of who should lay down its operating rules. The US wants to keep as much control as possible, the EU wants international regulation, and Britain can't make up its mind
Mike Bracken  

Can Microsoft stay ahead?

Is Microsoft's monopoly of personal computer software transferable to the internet and the network businesses of the future? If so, should we worry? Geraldine Bedell considers the implications of the latest court cases
Geraldine Bedell  

Highway economics

Two wars are being fought for control of the world's information highway - one for the infrastructure, the other for what is piped along it. Victor Keegan considers whether these corporate battles willcreate giant monopolies or empower the individual (or…
Victor Keegan