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Tag: Internet and telecoms

Between the lines

Most newspaper book review sections are parochial and outmoded. If you really want to keep up with the world of books, visit the blogosphere
Jason Cowley  

The worldwide niche

The internet is helping revive niche products by making them easier to find and cheaper to deliver. But will the power of the big hit be reduced?
Frances Cairncross  

France profonde

There's a European alternative to Google Books. Quaero, a Franco-German co-production, takes on the Americans with a new generation of search engine
Tim King  

Flogging folios

For the second time in three years, an institutional library is selling off a copy of Shakespeare's first folio. As libraries increasingly place their antiquarian books online, could this signal the beginning of a trend?
Jim McCue  

Digital exuberance

Digital technology hands more power and convenience to the individual consumer. But technologies of connectivity can threaten stability and community. We need a new ethics of inconvenience
William Davies  

King Google

Google is worth billions because it delivers readers to advertisers better than any other media outlet—despite not always being the best search engine
Andrew Brown  

Communications bill: inside story

As the communications bill passes into law there will be rows about the power of Rupert Murdoch and the BBC. But it is the convergence between television, computers and mobile telephones that has required a new regulatory framework
Dan Corry  

Net control

It's a myth that no one controls the internet. Until recently, it was American citizens; now governments are getting in on the act
Kenneth Neil Cukier  

Understanding Microsoft

The story of the rise and fall of Microsoft is already a business classic. But does the appeal against its break-up matter? Like IBM before it, Microsoft will go from being a big company that dominates the world to just…
Tom Standage  

Virtual interview

The renowned artist, novelist and critic discusses Berlin, the meaning of place and the body of the artist
Beta Nzos  

Why Napster matters

Napster is more than just a clever piece of software that facilitates music piracy. It is also at the forefront of a movement to reverse the centralisation of the internet and its takeover by big business which began in the…
Tom Standage