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Tag: International development

America alone

The sole remaining superpower acts unilaterally because it can get away with it. Europe, via Britain, must respond
RW Johnson  

The new deal

Global protestors attack the only institutions which can be the foundations of a fairer world order
John Lloyd  

Drugs for the world’s poor

The patents and priorities of the western drugs industry are stacked against the sick of the developing world. But philanthropy, the impact of Aids, and new faces in global institutions have reinvigorated the battle against poor people's diseases.
Shereen El Feki  

Inequality: The long view

The rise in inequality, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, has become an obsession of policy makers. In fact, it is less steep and probably less permanent than they imagine, and is overshadowed by a remarkable reduction in world inequality. By…
Paul Ormerod  

Amartya Sen

He has challenged the utilitarian roots of economics and redefined development policy, but how does he feel about India?
Meghnad Desai  

India’s next steps

Despite flattering images of high-tech Bangalore, India's economy continues to disappoint. On the eve of the general election Vijay Joshi says India can emulate the Asian tigers but not without transforming the state
Vijay Joshi  

First, do no harm

Many people will be hungry this Christmas. But despite what the official studies say, the globe is not going to hell in a handcart. Nicholas Eberstadt challenges the pessimists on both overpopulation and famine and argues that political and economic…
Nicholas Eberstadt  

Wolfensohn’s World Bank

What is the role of the World Bank, the world's biggest development agency, now that private capital flows freely to many poor countries? Michael Prest surveys the first year in office of president James Wolfensohn and his attempt to renew…
Michael Prest  

Africa’s democratic cloak

Multi-party democracy has scored few successes since it swept through sub-Saharan Africa five years ago. Imposed by western aid donors, it has failed to alleviate corruption, tribalism and civil war. Can Africa grow its own democratic culture? Nelson Mandela's denunciation…
Mark Huband  

And the waters divided

Most of the earth's 250 main river systems are the subject of political dispute. With some 80 countries-home to 40 per cent of the world's population-already suffering from water shortages, those disputes are likely to intensify. Faith Brooke reports on…
Faith Brooke  

Global swarming

If six billion people enjoyed US standards of living would it spell environmental disaster for the planet? As the economies of China and India take off, this is no longer an academic question. Vincent Cable, senior research fellow at Chatham…
Vince Cable  

Wrongs and rights in development

Can developing countries enjoy fast economic growth and political freedom? Does the provision of decent health care and education in such countries stimulate or restrain wealth creation? Amartya Sen addresses these two momentous questions in respect to India, a democracy…
Amartya Sen