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Toys and the human condition

Why does market failure appear to be endemic in the toy industry? Surely better planning could eradicate the annual Christmas shortage of the cult toy, which drives up prices and causes misery. Paul Ormerod considers the appropriate role for government
Paul Ormerod  

Cruelty to cats

The newspaper editors who hounded Cedric Brown earn a lot more than he did. Derek Matthews comes to the defence of Britain's highly paid utility bosses
Derek Matthews  

Same as the old boss

The success of the new South Africa depends on what happens in its factories and offices, which in turn depends on organised labour. David Honigmann considers whether the unions, central to bringing down apartheid, can now contain black aspirations
David Honigmann  


Howard Davies, the former director-general of the CBI, recently delivered a series of broadcasts on the state of British business. This is an edited version of his final talk, on links between government and industry
Howard Davies