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Drugs for the world’s poor

The patents and priorities of the western drugs industry are stacked against the sick of the developing world. But philanthropy, the impact of Aids, and new faces in global institutions have reinvigorated the battle against poor people's diseases.
Shereen El Feki  

The origin of Aids

Was Aids naturally transferred from primates to human beings? Or was it caused by a live polio vaccine given to thousands of Africans in the 1950s?
Matt Ridley  

A blue Christmas

In the mid-1980s, fear about Aids swept through Britain's prisons. Prospect's prisoner, who was then in Wandsworth, chronicles the uninhibited sexual encounters of men inside
Peter Wayne  

The lab

Recent progress in the fight against Aids shows that throwing money at problems can work
John Maddox  

Plagues: old and new

Stories of untreatable new diseases, from Aids to Ebola to Creutzfeldt-Jakob, fill the headlines. Might they foretell epidemics on the scale of the Black Death, and even the end of the human race? Or is modern medicine a match for…
Christopher Wills