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Political notes

Gordon Brown’s clumsy class war hides a muddle within both parties over exactly where “middle England” is
Anne McElvoy  

Political notes

Our politicians yearn to be charismatic. Yet Angela Merkel is popular and charisma free. What might they take from her example?
Anne McElvoy  

If I ruled the world

Most novelists and poets are broke. But why aren’t we getting a bailout? We’ve been no worse at our jobs than the bankers
Edward Docx  

Sen and Sensibility

Politicians would have a better chance of solving the great problems of the day—from unemployment to education and immigration—if they read more philosophy
James Purnell  

Brussels diary

The new Nato secretary general is a control freak. Plus Catherine Ashton fights to keep her job as Britain’s commissioner
Manneken Pis  

A moral renewal

Punishing our bankers and politicians won't deter them from wrongdoing; they'll just find new ways of acting as they please. Instead, they must be rehabilitated
M G Zimeta  

Rise of the red Tories

The crisis is an opportunity to sweep away the rotten postwar settlement of British politics. Labour is moribund. But David Cameron has a chance to develop a "red Tory" communitarianism, socially conservative but sceptical of neoliberal economics
Phillip Blond