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Following the leader

Ed Miliband’s victory shattered his elder brother’s career. In an extract from their new book, Mehdi Hasan and James Macintyre trace the path to political fratricide—and the bitter consequences
James Macintyre  


A rash young Heffer gets in hot water, Gaddafi and Sarkozy's friendship on the rocks, and the new face of economics


Ed Miliband’s route to redefining Labour risks following the same path as Gordon Brown’s—from the left to an empty centre
Philip Collins  

The leader we deserved

Labour's new leader has much to learn from Tony Blair. "A Journey" is an honest and insightful self-portrait by a man who personified modern Britain
David Goodhart  

Coalition chic

Any political elite finds itself defined not only by policies but also by cultural objects and styles. Cameron and Clegg are top table dressed as middle management
Sam Leith