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Rich hypocrites

Oxfam has brilliantly exposed the EU as the worst of trade hypocrites; but it's a pity it still misreads the WTO
P L  

Latin realism

The current crisis in Argentina highlights Latin America's mixed experience with globalisation and liberalism. But there is little support for modern-day Che Guevaras
Richard Lapper  

The new deal

Global protestors attack the only institutions which can be the foundations of a fairer world order
John Lloyd  

Infantile leftist

A new critique of the corporate state has been the focus of extensive media attention. It is intellectually vacuous
Martin Wolf  

The fusion city

The cold war split single cities in two. Globalisation is bringing separate ones together, regardless of nations
Tim Judah  

Listening to the other

World music is a huge global business, but in musical terms it doesn't actually exist. For the authentic vibe, listen to the tinkle of money changing hands
Ivan Hewett  

Global happiness

Globalisation is making everyone richer, but may undermine human happiness. What would a (utilitarian) God suggest?
Robert Wright  

Let them die

The preservation of dying languages and cultures is pointless and reactionary. People want to join modernity
Kenan Malik