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Workers of the world compete

Like generals fighting the last war, central bankers and politicians have seen inflation as the enemy of prosperity. In fact, we are suffering from a lack of demand caused by profits outstripping wages in a world of excess labour
Gerald Holtham  

Here comes the second world

From Asia to eastern Europe to Latin America, middle-income countries are growing increasingly assertive. These "second-world" states are forging links among themselves and are adept at playing off first-world powers against each other
Parag Khanna  

The Washington folly

Paul Collier's review of my book failed to take into account the disastrous effect on developing countries of following the advice of the IMF and World Bank
Erik S Reinert  

Identity and migration

Modern liberal societies have weak collective identities. Postmodern elites, especially in Europe, feel that they have evolved beyond identities defined by religion and nation. But if our societies cannot assert positive liberal values, they may be challenged by migrants who…
Francis Fukuyama  

Globalisation isn’t working

The era of liberal globalisation has produced surprisingly poor economic results. Global growth is stagnating, and without the dramatic advance of China, poverty and inequality between countries would be growing sharply too
Robert Wade  

France profonde

José Bové's civil disobedience campaigns against GM crops are respected by many French people. And France is yet to ratify a 2001 EU directive on GM
Tim King  

Global left turn

Martin Wolf and I come from similar backgrounds and agree about much in the globalisation debate. But while he regards liberal markets as sufficient, I think the globe needs a turn to social democracy
David Held  

Vengeful majorities

In many poor countries, markets concentrate wealth in the hands of prosperous ethnic minorities. In these places, democracy can be an engine of vengeance
Amy Chua