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Modern times

Jeremy joins a television writing course in the hope of turning his sitcom idea into a money-spinner
Jeremy Clarke  

Oskar and I

Oskar Lafontaine, the most powerful figure in the new German government, has the chance to be my hero again
David Goodhart  

Whatever happened to the German left?

After 16 years' exile, are Germany's Social Democrats ready to return to national power? They have an elusive programme, a leadership divided between a Blairite and a Jospinite view of social democracy, and two other parties of the left snapping…
Robert Leicht  

Adam von Trott

The annual anniversary of the July 1944 plot against Adolf Hitler is surprisingly uncelebrated in modern democratic Germany. Historian Joachim Fest recalls Adam von Trott, one of the leaders of the plot, and asks whether it was possible to be…
Joachim Fest  


Gerhard Schröder will lead the Social Democrat challenge to Helmut Kohl in September's German election. Nina Grunenberg considers why he is more popular outside his party than inside. This is an edited extract from a profile written last year
Nina Grunenberg  

Bella Deutschland

As Germany's Social Democrats decide who to put up against King Kohl in the autumn, Josef Joffe asks whether it matters who rules. As in Italy, politics is becoming a sideshow
Josef Joffe  


The return of the J-word in Germany and whether "Hey Jude" is anti-Semitic
Melvin J Lasky  

No news from Germany

The good news from Germany is that there is no news. Unemployment soars but the extreme right remains feeble. Josef Joffe says the Weimar syndrome can now be buried
Josef Joffe  

Ernst Jünger

Europe's oldest man of letters is claimed by both radical nationalists and supporters of European union. Daniel Johnson describes how a German militarist became a symbol of Franco-German rapprochement and how his intellectual journey has mirrored the 20th century
Daniel Johnson