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The kindness of strangers

The claim that there is no such thing as race is understandable but wrong. We should recognise both the genetic reality of race and the uniquely human ability to transcend it
Mark Pagel  

What genes remember

Many geneticists now think that the behaviour of our genes can be altered by experience—and even that these changes can be passed on to future generations. This finding may transform our understanding of inheritance and evolution
Philip Hunter  

Lab report

Space travel is finally being commercialised; even Nasa is bowing to market forces. Plus, scientists plan to decode a thousand genomes—but is that enough?
Philip Ball  

Lab report

Does the theory of everything look like a exceptionally beautiful multidimensional polyhedron with 248 corners? Plus a better way to make human stem cells
Philip Ball  

Rethinking agriculture

The main danger of genetic modification is the control over agriculture it grants to transnational companies. We need to get back to first principles on farming
Colin Tudge