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Breeding for God

In Europe, the fertility advantage of the religious over non-believers has historically been counterbalanced by the march of secularisation. Not any more. Secularisation in Europe is now in decline, and Islam continues to grow. Europe will start to adopt a…
E K  

The Lovelock apocalypse

The Gaia theorist has dire prophecies about global warming, but his enthusiasm for nuclear power and attacking green shibboleths remains undimmed
Philip Ball  

Can Hillary win in 2008?

As Bush's Republican coalition begins to fray, the Democrats can look forward to the 2008 presidential election with confidence. Conventional wisdom says Hillary Clinton is too liberal to take the White House. Conventional wisdom is wrong
Carl M Cannon  

Worldly wealth

Can a future population of 9bn enjoy the stuff, space and speed that is the preserve of today's rich without crippling the global environment? Despite the claims of the "austerity school," it is possible with technology only slightly more advanced…
Michael Lind  

Are we still evolving?

Modern technologies and medicines have eliminated many of the hazards that proved lethal to our ancestors. Does this mean human evolution has come to a full stop? Or can changes in culture introduce new selection pressures? And what about HIV?
Gabrielle Walker