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What kind of World Cup?

South Africa’s tournament will not be like Germany in 2006. We’re going to the southern hemisphere—where most of the world lives and things work differently
David Goldblatt  

Sporting life

Sport tends to privilege offence—but a better appreciation of the virtues of defence would benefit us all. Plus, stop jeering at Walcott
David Goldblatt  

Tillyard’s tales

The state does not work in Italy, but thanks to small families, "associative" life is thriving, as we discovered when my son joined the local football club
Stella Tillyard  

Football goes to market

The modernisation of English football in the 1990s has produced winners and losers, echoing the market revolution of the 1980s. The gentrification of the game has alienated a minority within football's heartlands, but that New Football is still better than…
Patrick Harverson