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Rethinking agriculture

The main danger of genetic modification is the control over agriculture it grants to transnational companies. We need to get back to first principles on farming
Colin Tudge  

The real GM food scandal

GM foods are safe, healthy and essential if we ever want to achieve decent living standards for the world's growing population. Misplaced moralising about them in the west is costing millions of lives in poor countries
Dick Taverne  

Matters of taste

There are many culinary myths: some inexplicable, some daft. Where, for example, does the name of the dish "chop suey"—unknown in China—come from?
Alex Renton  

Matters of taste

Despite Asda's £2 chicken, many predict that the era of cheap food is coming to an end. If this causes us to start valuing our food properly again, it will be no bad thing
Alex Renton