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Tillyard’s tales

Living in Italy, the arguments that rage in Britain over work/life balance and children reach me like discordant music from another world
Stella Tillyard  

Blame the neoliberals

Some of the problems identified by Alison Wolf are real, but it is not the emancipation of women that is to blame. It is rather the neoliberal economic policies of Britain, as international comparisons make clear
Rosemary Crompton  

Working girls

For the first time in history, women in developed societies can take up any occupation or career they please. This has brought enormous benefits. But it has also had some less positive consequences—the death of sisterhood, a decline in female…
Alison Wolf  

Cherchez l’enfant

It looks like a golden age for children's writing. A British tradition has been reinvigorated by two good, though overrated, authors. JK Rowling and Philip Pullman differ from previous classic authors in aiming at a slightly older age range, and…
Richard Jenkyns  

Children in care

Children in care are far more likely to fail at school or end up in prison. The Labour government has devoted more money and attention to the care system, but a wave of children from drug and alcohol-abusing parents are…
Katharine Quarmby