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Letter from Paris

The French do mass demonstration very well. The manif is the closest this lapsed Catholic society gets to the rapture of Mass
Lucy Wadham  

The return of Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu has diffused the right-wing element of his government by teaming up with Labor. But hopes for a two-state solution lie elsewhere
Jo-Ann Mort  

Heil Comrade

Baader-Meinhof is flashy and violent, but the glamour hides Germany's odd history of leftist anti-semitism
Hans Kundnani  

Ireland’s Bono boomers

David McWilliams astutely analyses the flaws in Ireland's recent economic miracle. But his more eccentric speculations on Irish identity and the future of the diaspora should be treated with caution
John Kelly  

Child’s play

Günter Grass's revelations about his Nazi past will end the temptation to take his political pronouncements seriously—which is no bad thing
Hans Kundnani  

Goodbye to the ’68ers

In 1998, 30 years after the student uprisings that politicised a generation, Germany's "1968ers" entered government. Expectations were high but the red-green coalition's achievements have been limited. Their liberalising effect on Germany in the decades before 1998 will be the…
Hans Kundnani