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Oil and troubled waters

Plagued by piracy, Islamic extremism and endless civil war, surely it can't get any worse for Somalia? It might if they find oil in the province of Puntland
Derek Brower  

The stealthy rise of renewables

Britain has created a regressive stealth tax to fund the growth of the renewable energy sector. It's unfair, expensive and crude—but it works. What's needed though is for this subsidy to be more wisely directed—away from renewables towards zero carbon…
Richard Barry  

The future will not be nuclear

The government is pinning its hopes on a nuclear renaissance to meet Britain's climate change goals. Planning procedures are being eased and hidden subsidies offered. But the policy is based on a misunderstanding of nuclear power's lousy economics, and will…
Tom Burke  

Lab report

Cutting carbon emissions may not involve more nuclear power. But there's a new plan for our waste anyway. Plus, things are cooling down at the Large Hadron Collider
Philip Ball