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Tag: Employment & unions

Working girls

For the first time in history, women in developed societies can take up any occupation or career they please. This has brought enormous benefits. But it has also had some less positive consequences—the death of sisterhood, a decline in female…
Alison Wolf  

Means tests and tax credits

The tax credit is New Labour's big idea in welfare policy. It heralds an extension of means testing and a start to a merger of the tax and benefit system. It should also make work pay and reduce, if not…
Philip Collins  

Are children pets?

Top professional women find it hard to combine high-flying careers and babies. But family-friendly businesses cannot solve the dilemma
Pamela Meadows  

A public realm

By making the public sector more efficient, is Tony Blair killing off the public sector ethos? Blame the cult of individualism
Barry Cox  

Having some of it

Pamela Meadows welcomes an accessible overview of women and work, but is not convinced by its gloomy picture of a world of workless men and exploited women
Pamela Meadows  

“Winner takes all” markets

Like Hollywood, many industries are coming to be dominated by "stars" who can command multi-million pound earnings. What are the consequences of the rise of the "super-rich"? Will there be a revival of philanthropy?
Diane Coyle