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God and Caesar

Michael Burleigh's study of the intersection of politics and religion in the 20th century is a monumental accomplishment. But does he let the Catholic church off too lightly?
Frederic Raphael  

Letter from Argentina

The use of the corpse as a political weapon has a long history in Argentina. The body has become political because of the country's arrested political development
Nick Pearce  

“Idi Amin, my hero”

An adviser to the Ugandan president tells the story behind the making of The Last King of Scotland—and has a surprising conversation with Forest Whitaker
John Nagenda  

Vasily Grossman

The Russian writer's novel "Life and Fate"—often compared with "War and Peace"—was first published in English in the mid-1980s. But only now is interest taking off among a wider public
Robert Chandler  

Russia’s colluders

The Beslan school crisis and the Moscow theatre siege took place with the knowledge and possibly even the assistance of Russian authorities
Jeremy Putley  

Last dance for Cuba

As the Ballet Nacional de Cuba comes to London, British audiences will have perhaps a final chance to behold one of the country's great cultural institutions—stuck in a timewarp, but glorious nevertheless
Ruaridh Nicoll  

Dangerous pity

The millions donated to Ethiopia in 1985 thanks to Live Aid were supposed to go towards relieving a natural disaster. In reality, donors became participants in a civil war. Many lives were saved, but even more may have been lost…
David Rieff  

Albanian witness

Ismail Kadare, who charted the legacy of Hoxha's Albanian dictatorship, reminds us that the Balkans is a storehouse of European literature
Julian Evans