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Turner gets it right on pensions

The Turner pensions commission rightly considers greater longevity not as a problem but as part of the solution. Its recommendations of a higher state pension with less means-testing, paid for by later retirement and more saving are right too
Nicholas Barr  

Red-state sneer

Many Democrats blame the unenlightened people of red-state America for John Kerry's defeat. But most working-class Americans remain politically centrist and a rising number simply want to live in the fast-growing suburbs of middle America. Liberals should stop sneering at…
Michael Lind  

Ethnic America

Samuel Huntington has stirred up a new controversy with a book about the danger to America from Hispanic immigration. He worries too much about Hispanics but he is right that the US does have an Anglo-Protestant ethno-cultural core which may…
E K  

Worldly wealth

Can a future population of 9bn enjoy the stuff, space and speed that is the preserve of today's rich without crippling the global environment? Despite the claims of the "austerity school," it is possible with technology only slightly more advanced…
Michael Lind  

The last census?

The 2001 census was meant to be the most accurate picture ever of Britain's population. Then it found that there were nearly 1m fewer of us than expected.
Graham Bowley  

Immigration & asylum in the EU

Asylum and immigration are truly pan-European issues. Most EU states cut back on primary immigration in the 1970s, but are now affected by the rise in asylum-seekers. Given the EU's ageing population, is a return to selective immigration inevitable?
Ben Hall  

Divide and survive

History shows that partition and population exchange is often the least bad answer to ethnic conflict. Western reluctance to accept this fact prolonged the Bosnian war and could complicate the exodus from Kosovo. The alternative to partition in the Balkans…
Anatol Lieven  

Reforming pensions

Reformers of state pensions are attracted by the high returns of private pension funds made in strong equity markets. But private funds are costly to run and equity returns are destined to decline-staying with the state makes sense
Malcolm Crawford  

Too few people?

After years of worrying about overpopulation, some demographers now predict that global population will peak in 2040 and then start a headlong dive. Nicholas Eberstadt looks at some of the curious consequences of a world without siblings
Nicholas Eberstadt  

Life in the footnotes

The 27th edition of Social Trends is published at the end of January. Paul Barker, a compulsive browser since the first edition in 1970, celebrates the big trends and the small print
Paul Barker  

First, do no harm

Many people will be hungry this Christmas. But despite what the official studies say, the globe is not going to hell in a handcart. Nicholas Eberstadt challenges the pessimists on both overpopulation and famine and argues that political and economic…
Nicholas Eberstadt  

Global swarming

If six billion people enjoyed US standards of living would it spell environmental disaster for the planet? As the economies of China and India take off, this is no longer an academic question. Vincent Cable, senior research fellow at Chatham…
Vince Cable  

Dead souls

Russia is in the midst of a demographic crisis. Life expectancy for men is falling precipitately and is now below the level it reached under Stalin. Andrew Cowley examines the reasons
Andrew Cowley