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In defence of Dannatt

Richard Dannatt was right to speak out about the British presence in Iraq. We need more candour from our military leaders, not less
Lewis Page  

War and democracy

Tony Blair's former foreign affairs adviser considers the ambiguous lessons of the Iraq war. Realpolitik, he finds, is still necessary in a world of power but increasingly unworkable in a world of democracy
Robert Cooper  

Moral bombing?

Area bombing of German cities in the second world war was unnecessary, but was not a crime. Sometimes ends can justify means
Michael Axworthy  

A new model army?

One of Britain's finest generals hints at a radical reordering of the armed forces to equip them for modern conflicts. Unfortunately, he only hints
Lewis Page  

The IED tussle

The "improvised explosive device" may seem a humble opponent for the US military, but it is the focus of a battle of innovations pitting high-tech against low cunning
Bartle Bull  

Hard-wired for corruption

Corruption is not a sleazy add-on to the global arms trade. It is central to procurement decisions and makes the industry far bigger than it needs to be. If corruption could be tackled, the industry would dwindle to its irreducible…
Joe Roeber  

Sudan’s chance

The recent death of John Garang is a shocking setback to Sudan's peace process, but not a fatal one. The Bush administration deserves much of the credit for the peace deal signed in January, and if it keeps its nerve,…
Alex De Waal