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Tag: Crime and justice

Hot nights in Moscow

For three years the Hungry Duck was the wildest club in Moscow. But after seeing off the mafia and the cops, the outraged politicians finally did down the Duck
Douglas Steele  

Leaving prison

Last year Prospect's prisoner completed a ten-year sentence. He was back inside 42 days later. Can he do better this time?
Peter Wayne  

Boyz with bats

In Britain, sport is no longer seen as a form of moral education. But in a crime-ridden ghetto of Los Angeles, a Victorian form of cricket is teaching young gangsters how to be gentlemen
Edward Smith  

Ulster’s ghosts

How should the Northern Irish peace process deal with the past? Reform of the RUC is even more urgent in the light of a book published in the US
Nick Martin-Clark  

Wayne’s underworld

Soon after his release, Prospect's prisoner went down and out in Soho and Covent Garden, where crack flows as freely as champagne. He tried not to succumb...
Peter Wayne  

The prisoner

Peter Wayne is back inside after a one-month orgy of drunken criminality. It feels like being home from the hols
Peter Wayne  

Very bad boys

Blake Morrison's reflection on the murder of toddler James Bulger by two ten year olds is now out in paperback. Peter Wayne reports from prison on some of its themes: television's influence on crime, sexual abuse and the imperative of…
Peter Wayne  

The new class

Russia is no longer an empire but not yet a "civic" nation - into this vacuum have stepped institutionalised corruption and criminality. John Lloyd traces the roots of the problem to Russia's Soviet past and its transition to the market…
John Lloyd  

A civics lesson for france

Laurent Joffrin welcomes the trial of Maurice Papon. But he also reminds those too young to emember that the Gaullists had good reason not to dig too deep into the pit of wartime compromises
Laurent Joffrin  

The moral minority

There was shit on the wall and pee running down the staircase. Derek Coombs recalls a problem estate suffering from the inexorable decline of stable families
Derek Coombs  

Genes and behaviour

Can criminals blame their genes? Is IQ or sexuality genetically determined? Annabel Gillings says that recent advances in genetics have increased our understanding of the biological basis of behaviour, but environmental influence remains vital too
Annabel Gillings  

Drugs – legal and illegal

Cannabis accounts for 83 per cent of all drug offences in Britain-yet the drug causes neither violence nor death. Alcohol, a legal drug, causes some 25,000 deaths a year. Duncan Campbell examines the arguments for and against legalising some drugs…
Duncan Campbell  

America’s punishment industry

The great incarceration experiment of the 1980s has left the US with a prison population which far exceeds those in other advanced countries. Despite locking up one in every 50 working age men the US has not yet produced a…
Richard Freeman  

In the name of the family

The breakdown of the family is the political issue of the moment. But the storm over the domestic violence and divorce bills demonstrates that political fashion makes for bad legislation. Mary Tuck explains why
Mary Tuck