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Tag: Crime and justice

Dieting for Jesus

We should worry less about America's Christian conservatives. They are more American than they are Christian or conservative.
Alan Wolfe  

French favours

A decade of corruption trials has chastened the French elite. But few heads have rolled and little has changed. What are the roots of French corruption?
Tim King  

The justice gap

A London youth court magistrate welcomes a shake-up of the criminal justice system which tries to make it harder for the guilty to escape conviction by playing the system. When his own son was mugged on Clapham common, he discovered…
Jonathan Myerson  

Has the mafia surrendered?

Silvio Berlusconi may soon declare victory over the Sicilian mafia. But any "surrender" would be a tolerance pact between politics and the underworld
John Dickie  

Not so solid

The arrest of rapper Ashley Walters should force the black community to speak out loud about its problems
Lennie James  

City of terror

When Tony Blair announces a war against terrorism he does so from the centre of a city that has long been a haven for terrorists
Nigel West  

Poor old Slobo

Milosevic's extradition to the Hague has made him a Serbian martyr. He should have been tried in Belgrade
Aleksa Djilas  

Rude Britannia

Who gives a **** about good manners? Once it was liberating to loosen the British upper lip. Now incivility is so rampant it's an issue of social policy, this may be the price of a wealthier, more dynamic nation
Michael Elliott  

A crooked life

Prospect's prisoner was released last June, but for the second time in two years he was unable to resist the pull of London's drug-soaked, criminal underworld
Peter Wayne