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A moral renewal

Punishing our bankers and politicians won't deter them from wrongdoing; they'll just find new ways of acting as they please. Instead, they must be rehabilitated
M G Zimeta  

Nigerian nightmare

Nigeria's elections—rife with vote-rigging, violence and intimidation—are only the latest example of the corruption and decay that have characterised Obasanjo's rule

France profonde

Most French people believe their government is corrupt. This may not stop corrupt politicians gaining office, but it turns many off voting and benefits Le Pen
Tim King  

Reforming party funding

Labour's "loans for honours" troubles have kept the issue of party funding in the news. And another official review is reporting in December. Is it finally time to put a cap on individual donations and consider proper state funding?
Justin Fisher  

Inefficient markets

Disappointment at Doha, but it wasn't all America's fault. Is BP having too much bad luck? And Wolfowitz demands that the World Bank stops corruption