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Tag: Conservatives and the British right

A Tory community

The Conservative party has traditionally combined two great principles—personal freedom and public service. It now needs a new idea of community
David Willetts  

Conservative futures

There are five roads the Tories must avoid: Fortress Britain, Libertarian Paradise, Thatcherism Revisited, Local Everything and Scepticism Rediscovered. Success lies in a partial emulation of New Labour
Tim Hames  

The shadows of Suez

Suez cast a long shadow over Anthony Eden's political career. But the crisis left surprisingly little transatlantic or cross-channel rancour, says Philip Goodhart
Philip Goodhart  

Michael Portillo

The British right can only reinvent itself by resolving the conflict between traditional conservatism and market liberalism. There's just one candidate
Tim Hames  

Annus memorabilis

Some say that the story of our times is that the right has won politically, but the left has won culturally. The year 1997-with the Labour election landslide and the death of Diana-has provided vivid evidence to support the claim
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

Wrong leader, right result

For most of the 20th century the Tory party has chosen the wrong leader, but has nevertheless won elections. Labour, until recently, has done the reverse
Ian Gilmour  

Conservatism now

Labour says it can combine social cohesion with economic efficiency but so far it is just being bossy. Tories understand real institutions, not abstract communities
David Willetts  

Contradiction in terms

David Willetts is one of the best of the Tory apologists, argues Tony Wright, but even he cannot conceal the tension between free market radicalism and Quintin Hogg's civic conservatism
Tony Wright  

A worthless memoir

The memoirs of former Conservative party treasurer, Alistair McAlpine, reveal a politically shallow egotist. Bruce Anderson says he contributed far less to Thatcherism than he imagines
Bruce Anderson