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George Osborne

The shadow chancellor's last conference speech set the course for a dramatic Tory revival and turned him into a "big beast." But what will he do with power if and when he gets it?
Jonathan Ford  

Bipolar nation

A big shift in our understanding of mood disorders is under way, with many depressed people now being reclassified as bipolar. But is trading antidepressant drugs for mood stabilisers a sign of progress, or just the latest diagnostic fad?
Annie Maccoby Berglof  

Rebuilding Conservatism

David Cameron wants to heal the rift between Thatcherites and modernisers while also coining a distinctive new Tory ideology. To achieve this he must ditch flashy initiatives and show that he is truly committed to decentralising Britain
Ferdinand Mount  

Crowding out

Danny Kruger's "fraternity" is little more than a PR exercise. Here's a real Big Idea for David Cameron to get his teeth into
Terence Kealey  

The right dialectic

Despite the appearance of consensus between the two main parties, the contest between equality and liberty has not disappeared. Instead, it has become a dispute about who owns the ground of "fraternity" and whether the state (Gordon Brown) or the…
Danny Kruger  

English questions

World Cup flag-waving plus the prospect of the first post-devolution Scottish prime minister have revived the English question. Will it be politicised? If the Tories push for "English votes for English laws," will it unravel the union?
Arthur Aughey  

Skewed sampling

Some pundits predicted general election success for the Tories on the basis of their local election performance. Not so fast
Harvey Cole