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Lab report

Sussex's chemistry department has been spared the axe, but others have been shut. Is this the twilight of British chemistry? Plus, a new vaccine for bird flu
Philip Ball  

Water, water, everywhere

Desalination—the removal of salt from seawater to make it drinkable —has long been a possible answer to the world's water shortages. Can technological advances bring it into the mainstream, or will it remain too expensive and energy-inefficient?
Fred Pearce  

Rainbow technology

Colour is a language not just of the senses, but of the various substances - animal and mineral, cheap and priceless - which have produced them
Justin Broackes  

The science of the tiny

Nanotechnology-science that operates at the molecular level- has been threatening to become the "next big thing" for several years. But now it really is set to take off and products deriving from it will soon be changing everyday life
Michael Gross  

The lab

Molecular biologists can now tell us who is related to whom in the chain of life
John Maddox