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Islamophobia myth

If there is a backlash against British Muslims, where is the evidence for it? Scaremongering about Islamophobia promotes a Muslim victim culture and allows some community leaders to inflame a sense of injury while suppressing internal debate. The new religious…
Kenan Malik  

Bye bye, Beijing

After Tiananmen I had to join the Chinese army. There I heard a song that took me to America
Yiyun Li  

Cultures of contempt

The claim that the accusatory, contemptuous culture of the modern media is undermining politics is itself now being dismissed. Can the downward spiral of media abuse and political evasion be reversed? Do we need a new journalism?
John Lloyd  

China and liberty

Greed and admiration have muted western criticism of Beijing. They are both reasons why this author was not allowed to deliver this lecture to Volkswagen employees in Germany
Ian Buruma

The internet is a precious achievement. But as its reach extends into more of our lives, so does the fear that it is undermining national standards in everything from crime prevention to taxation. If politicians around the world cannot agree…
John Carr  

Films and morals

Should we censor apparently amoral films such as Pulp Fiction? Or are they challenging us to repudiate their twisted morality?
Nigel Cliff  

Liberalism and its limits

Ten years after the publication of The Satanic Verses, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown considers how it forced Muslims in the west, as well as the white liberal intelligentsia, to confront the limits of freedom of speech and multiculturalism
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown  

Writing for Rupert

The HarperCollins affair which briefly convulsed the British media raises a host of big questions about free speech, the way we deal with dictators and the power of media proprietors. Timothy Garton Ash, one of the writers who left HarperCollins…
Timothy Garton-Ash  

China’s cultureless revolution

Popular culture is lagging behind real life in the new China, as political control over mass communication remains strict. James Harding explains how the film industry, in particular, experiences the tension at the heart of modern China: a liberalising economy…
James Harding  

Crash, ban, wallop

When Christopher Tookey suggested in the Daily Mail that the film "Crash" should be banned, he became a hate figure of the liberal establishment
Christopher Tookey  


In China's age of economic liberalisation, the new Shanghai is being ordered to get rich again - on condition that artists and writers, who gave the old Shanghai its free spirit, stay mute. Ian Buruma reports on a metropolis with…
Ian Buruma  


The arguments against freedom of the press are becoming more popular and persuasive
John Lloyd