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Ignatieff: an intellectual in politics

Michael Ignatieff, the telegenic intellectual and writer, has had three separate careers in three different countries. Now the former presenter of the Late Show is tipped to become the next prime minister of Canada
David Herman  

Alberta’s oil rush

The "tar sands" of northern Canada are home to the world's largest oil reserve. Extracting and exporting the oil—so far almost exclusively to the US—is bringing massive wealth to the region. But what about the social and environmental costs?
Derek Brower  

Charles Taylor

Taylor may be the most important philosopher writing in English today. He is drawn to big issues like the evolution of the modern self, and his latest book defends religion from its critics
Ben Rogers  

Universal anonymity

Throughout this century, Canadian literature has struggled to establish its own identity. Now, says Naim Kattan, its multiple identities are a model for the future
Naïm Kattan