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A moral renewal

Punishing our bankers and politicians won't deter them from wrongdoing; they'll just find new ways of acting as they please. Instead, they must be rehabilitated
M G Zimeta  

Crisis watch

Just because many banks have been around forever doesn't give them the right to exist. Let's ditch them, and get new banks instead
Jonathan Ford  

What is a banker worth?

Attitudes to pay can change sharply from one era to the next. We are now entering a period of greater restraint at the top. But is it just a pause? And how will it be enforced?
Michael Prest  

Crisis watch

How many other Bernie Madoffs are the dozy regulators yet to uncover? Plus, why the Labour party should bring back clause four—and avoid zombies
Jonathan Ford  


For a long time, I thought I was doing good as a debt counsellor. But I have to face facts: I was coaching people on how to wallow in the warm swamp of indebtednesss
David Gaffney