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Return of the constitution

The second phase of constitutional reform in Britain is sending further waves of change through Wales and Scotland, parliament and the legal system. Tony Blair remains uninterested or suspicious, but Gordon Brown is ready to take up the cause
Robert Hazell  

Reforming parliament

Stung by the fear of irrelevance and the Hutton inquiry, parliament is little by little becoming a more effective scrutineer
Tony Wright  

Changing the rules

What's happening to stage two of Labour's constitutional reforms? How is stage one progressing? Lord Falconer and five leading commentators discuss

Separating powers

Ending Britain's "elective dictatorship" is a slowly rolling programme which has now thrown up a British supreme court
Robert Hazell  

Devolution bites

Devolution allows social policy experiments. But, as the English higher education white paper shows, it also has unintended effects
Iain McLean  

Liberation theology

Disestablishment of the Church of England is a no-lose policy: It is radical, it is right and virtually no one opposes it
Iain McLean  

Move over, Derry

A British supreme court would sweep away the triple office of the Lord Chancellor. Derry Irvine should bow to the inevitable
John Morrison