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Brussels diary

All of the EU's big, awkward decisions are now being postponed until 2009. Perhaps by then there will also be agreement on having fewer commissioners
Manneken Pis  

Tillyard’s tales

Modern English towns display little of the bustling enterprise that led Napoleon to declare us a nation of shopkeepers. But in Italy, local shops are thriving
Stella Tillyard  

Fictional failure

British fiction is thriving, according to publishers. But having read countless novels as a Booker judge, Jason Cowley is disenchanted by the shallowness of Britain's literary vision. Is it a passing bad patch or a sign of long-term cultural decline?
Jason Cowley  

Europe’s odd couple

The poor state of Anglo-German relations owes something to the legacy of hostility between Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl. Alan Watson has spoken to the senior diplomats on both sides and provides a revealing account of personal and policy differences…
Alan Watson  

One nation: two problems

The stakeholder debate conflates two distinct problems: competitiveness and social exclusion. The training industry does the same. The result is a feeble qualification system which helps neither mployers nor employees
Ronald Dore