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Who was Nehru?

A new biography of Nehru by Stanley Wolpert has attracted scorn in New Delhi. Katherine Frank, who is herself writing a biography of Indira Gandhi, asks what we can learn from Wolpert's failures. If post-modern biography has liberated itself from…
Katherine Frank  

Biography moves on

Literary biography has expanded to take up the space vacated by fiction. But Kathryn Hughes, currently working on a life of George Eliot, fears that the genre's ability to unite academic specialists and educated generalists is threatened
Kathryn Hughes  

Shining Stalin’s shoes

Are leftists crazy or are they charlatans? After wading through 769 pages of Mikhail Gorbachev's humourless memoirs, PJ O'Rourke thinks he has the answer
PJ O'Rourke  


Will Hutton on the visceral anti-Englishness that Andrew Neil shares with his former boss
Will Hutton  

Four biopics and a funeral

Screen biographies, from Schindler's List to Gandhi, have swept the board at the Oscars. But, Christopher Tookey argues, four recent releases testify to the wretched state of the genre
Christopher Tookey  

It’s my life

Once authors used to write fiction. Now they are laying bare their intimate selves. Louise Kehoe, who has just written a book about her childhood, looks at the appeal of painfully revealing memoirs
Louise Kehoe  

It takes a village idiot

The latest book to come out of the Clinton administration is by the First Lady herself. It contains advice on entertaining toddlers (with a sock) and how girls should dress (comfortably). PJ O'Rourke wonders whether Mrs Clinton is really such…
PJ O'Rourke  

Brodsky in Cambridge

Joseph Brodsky, the great poet-exile, never revisited his beloved Petersburg. But as Rachel Polonsky remembers, he recited Auden in Cambridge
Rachel Polonsky  

The beast in John Bull’s jungle

Michael Portillo alienated all sides in the Tory leadership contest and then made a crass conference speech. Yet he remains a crown prince of the new Tory party. Bruce Anderson wonders whether he ought to be
Bruce Anderson