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George at 100

The last job for Orwell biographers is to examine his faults and catalogue his enemies. But it only serves to confirm his virtues
Geoffrey Wheatcroft  

The shadows of Suez

Suez cast a long shadow over Anthony Eden's political career. But the crisis left surprisingly little transatlantic or cross-channel rancour, says Philip Goodhart
Philip Goodhart  

Interviewing the interviewer

Janet Malcolm once wrote about the duplicitous relationship of journalists to their subjects. Elena Lappin talked to Malcolm, less about her Chekhov book than herself
Elena Lappin  

Death by naturalism

How close can fiction come to describing reality? The British author BS Johnson embarked on a quest for absolute literary naturalism which ended in his suicide.
Jonathan Coe  

Lives of the mind

What explains the recent fashion for biographies of philosophers? Why do so few of them combine both good philosophy and vivid writing?
AC Grayling  

Levi’s inferno

As German Jews held to the culture of Goethe, so Primo Levi summoned Dante in Auschwitz. His struggle was with literature as well as testimony
Joseph Farrell