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Washington Watch

Republican whip Eric Cantor is a possible heir to Newt Gingrich. Plus, Hillary’s Gaddafi problem

De te fabula narratur

Are there any limits to the Americanisation of Britain? Alan Ryan, who has just returned from nine years in the US, hopes that Britain will resist the punitive and religious enthusiasms from across the Atlantic, but argues that there is…
Alan Ryan  

The case for Clinton

Bill Clinton, 50 in August, looks set for a second term. To a swathe of American opinion, liberal and conservative, this is a travesty. But Martin Walker contests the view that he is merely an undisciplined opportunist and describes his…
Martin Walker  

No muddle in the middle

After 30 years of shuffling and blurring, the centre left in the US thinks it has established a new hard-edged progressive creed. Stephen Pollard considers the claim that it will dominate for a generation and asks whether New Labour can…
Stephen Pollard  

It’s foreign policy, stupid

The collapse of communism has not led the US back to isolationism. Instead, argues Godfrey Hodgson, it has launched a new era of missionary interventionism-for the benefit of domestic audiences, not the US's allies
Godfrey Hodgson