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After independence

Kosovo's declaration of independence merely formalises the status quo. Europe's newest country faces serious social and economic challenges
Dominik Zaum  

Endgame in Kosovo

Eight years after the Kosovo war, the UN is preparing to make a final decision on the province's final status. Can independence work?
Rebecca Thornton  

Letter from Serbia

Serbs have a big nostalgia problem. Things are slowly getting better but they refuse to believe it and still hanker for the good old days of Tito
Tim Judah  

Albanian witness

Ismail Kadare, who charted the legacy of Hoxha's Albanian dictatorship, reminds us that the Balkans is a storehouse of European literature
Julian Evans  

Balkan Proxy war

Europe and America are battling out their differences in the Balkans. Right now the Americans have the upper hand
Misha Glenny