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Hidden solidarities

The death of solidarity in Britain has been greatly exaggerated. Most of us live in solid, long-standing "micro-social" communities
Ray Pahl  

The science of belief

Sceptics increasingly seek to explain faith as a product of nature; Lewis Wolpert thinks it is down to tool-making. But maybe there is a problem with the word "origin"
AS Byatt  

Tribal preservation

Fifty years ago, Brazil's indigenous peoples faced extinction. Thanks to a long campaign, led initially by white sympathisers but now by the Indians themselves, land rights and political protection have been won. Indian reserves now cover an area bigger than…
John Hemming  

Culture comes home

Anthropology began life in the colonial era as the "science of difference." Does it still have a place now that difference is celebrated and everything has a "culture"? Its new role may be to act as a a counterweight to…
Nancy Hynes  

Socialising Darwin

From linguistics and psychology to anthropology, social scientists are applying neo-Darwinian insights to explain human behaviour. So why are sociologists resisting the trend? WG Runciman shows how the concepts of variation, replication and selection can help to explain social life
W G Runciman  

Basic instinct

To most parents possessiveness and aggression in young children are self-evident. But Richard Pipes, the historian of the Soviet Union, finds that modern social science has denied these facts or refused to investigate them
Richard Pipes  


Yael Tamir, a professor of philosophy, looks at what our revulsion at clitoridectomy tells us about ourselves
Yael Tamir