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Listen: Headspace #6—Grave new world

The sixth edition of Prospect's monthly podcast

By Tom Clark  

“Debate globalisation?” Tony Blair said a dozen years ago, “You might as well debate whether autumn should follow summer.” Well, we’re debating it now all right, and economist George Magnus fears that it’s set to spin into reverse—very possibly sinking us into a global trade war. Some unhappy dwellers on Planet Trump fear that real war could soon be on the agenda as well. Spies are better placed than most of us to assess the risks, and a host of them have been coming out of the shadows to speak to Prospect’s Executive Editor, Jay Elwes about how they’re getting on with the new White House regime. The way that Brexit Britain navigates these frightening waters will depend very much on the woman at the wheel—Theresa May. Anne Perkins of the Guardian has been digging into her early life to get a sense of what makes our prime minister tick.

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