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Prospect hits sixth successive circulation record

Latest ABC figures show appetite for the finest writing and sharpest thinking

By Prospect Team  

Prospect‘s circulation up again

Figures released by the independent Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) today, show that Prospect’s new circulation figure is 44,700. That represents an eighth successive ABC increase for Prospect and a sixth successive record figure.

In a more challenging market, Prospect has once again held its own—confirming that in an era where the political argument is so often reduced to crude simplicities, there is a real hankering for the very best writing that can make sense of the times.

A story of continuing growth

The bulk of the increase in circulation that Prospect has enjoyed since 2014 is down to paid subscriptions, which total 28,680 on the new certificate. Prospect also sells 4,576 copies on the newsstand each month and is available to BA and Qantas first-class customers.

So whatever happens with the wild state of UK and world politics, it seems it is nice to have something that you can rely on: Prospect’s independent take on the big ideas of our time and where the world goes from here.

What’s next?

It can be difficult in the current climate to know what information to trust, so it is reassuring that these figures are independently certified. The figures are published hot on the heels of Ofcom’s “News Consumption in the UK: 2018” report which rated magazines more favourably than any other news platform for quality, accuracy, trustworthiness and impartiality.

Prospect’s continuing growth confirms it as the magazine to be reading for those who love current affairs, culture and ideas.

Tom Clark, Editor, said: “Today’s political world can seem to be going crazy, but this fuels an intense appetite for the finest writing and sharpest thinking, which can help us make sense of the frenzy. As so much debate descends into crude and distracting tribalism, people are reaching for Prospect to take them to heart of the real dilemmas facing Britain and the world.”

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