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The Prospect Interview #119: Women warriors throughout history, with Julie Wheelwright

From the myth of the Amazons to Joan of Arc

By Prospect Team  

In 2018, then-Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that all roles in the UK’s military will be open to women. But, as academic Julie Wheelwright writes, women have been involved in the armed forces for centuries.

From the warriors who inspired the Amazons to Joan of Arc, women have long taken up arms—some in disguise.  Julie Wheelwright joins the Prospect Interview to talk about the long history of women in the military forces and what drew them to the front line—as well as a little-known fact about the historic significance of London’s Deptford region.

Julie’s new book, Sisters in Arms: Female Warriors from the Antiquity to the Millennium, is published by Osprey Press.


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