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The great gender injustices of our time: Headspace #24 with Shami Chakrabarti and Anne Perkins

In this week's podcast, Perkins and Chakrabarti join the Prospect team to discuss the problem of sexism: the greatest human rights abuse on the planet today?

By Prospect Team  

Shami Chakrabarti. Photo: David Mirzeoff/PA Archive/PA Images

This week, Prospect’s Editor Tom Clark sits down with Shami Chakrabarti, the lawyer and Labour peer whose new book, Of Women, takes a close look at the place of women in society and reveals in uncomfortable detail the gross unfairness that they still face.

But then the Labour Party is not immune from sexism in its own ranks—and unlike the Conservative Party has never had a female leader. Chakrabarti thinks that record is set to change. Anne Perkins of the Guardian and Sameer Rahim, Prospect’s Arts and Books editor, join in the debate.


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