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Episode 1: Social care

By Steve Bloomfield  

In the first episode of Prospect’s new How to Fix, I’m joined by Andrew Dilnot, Liz Kendall and Daniel Drepper to discuss social care—what’s wrong with it, and how we could make it better.

If you have any comments or questions you can find us on Twitter. Steve is @BloomfieldSJ, Steph is @StephanieBoland

Show notes

Here’s Andrew Dilnot’s report on Funding of Care and Support.

Liz Kendall mentioned the Barker report. Here it is.

Here’s Daniel Drepper’s book on Amazon.

And if you’d prefer something in English, here’s a piece on Correctiv, the non-profit Daniel co-founded, that dealt with the same issue.

In April 2015, Liz Kendall spoke to the Guardian about social care.

Here are the manifestoes from 2017. Labour’s bit on social care begins on page 71, the Conservatives infamous policy is recorded for posterity on page 64 , while the Lib Dems’ section  is here.

See you all next week!

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